The Walter de Gruyter Foundation for Scholarship and Research bears the name of the founder of a tradition-steeped academic publishing house. Walter de Gruyter (1862–1923) was truly passionate about books. All his life, he committed himself to the promotion of academic research, always true to his belief that only a strong publisher could be “fruitful for scholarship.”

In 2006, three of his grand-daughters seized on this legacy and initiated, together with the publishing house and some other associates, the Walter de Gruyter Foundation. With it, the publishing house and its associates wish to underline the fact that Walter de Gruyter was never simply a profit-oriented businessman and successful academic publisher. He was also a promoter and patron of academic research, keenly engaged in socio-political matters and discussions.

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization. In accordance with Walter de Gruyter’s personal interests, its objective is to encourage and promote academic research.